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The hammock form is full of useful features.
The backpack flap doubles as a drink holder and a large velcro pocket to store any loose items. The two interior pockets can be used as a pillow or neck support.
The Hammbag comes with two Grunt pull tie down straps allowing you to use any branch, pole or anything you can find for stable and sturdy hammock support.
When folding the Hammbag into bag form it can be folded into two different bag styles. A normal backpack as well as a single strap bag. Whether you’re going on a walk, run or skate you can quickly customise the way you wear your bag.
You can use the carabiners to attatch the hammbag to a larger travel bag, hiking/backpacking bags, bike or surfboard bag.
The Hammbag is duel layered, with a towel interior and a canvas exterior. Both canvas and toweling is 100% cotton. The soft towel is perfect for beach and the pool. Accompanied by the canvas it makes the Hammbag extremely durable and resistant.
When in Hammock form the canvas stops all wind, and the towel makes for a cozy sleep.
We’ve used a lightweight canvas for the exterior and a soft towel lining for the interior. The supporting ropes and straps are heavy duty and will support up to 120kg / 260lbs. The adjustable black straps allow the Hammbag to reach double the original capacity. The signature Hammbag flap grants you quick access to loose items in bag form and when converted to the hammock becomes a handy drink holder and storage compartment. They come in a wide variety of designs from rich tie dyes to colourful prints, classic camo pattern and plain colours.

There are 6 designs;

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 15 cm

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